Can’t Find a Better Man.

My search for a new job took me to Bristol today for an interview/assessment for a position as a breakdown engineer.   I think this job and I would be perfect together, so fingers crossed.  The last time I lusted over a job like this was when I applied to become a fireman on the Isle of Bute.  It’d be nice to have a happy ending this time.  I am resisting taking an overly optimistic view, but it has to be said, my C.V. will take some beating.  😉

Being a kind of black sheep amongst tradesmen these days – I actually did an apprecticeship, actually genuinely care about doing a good job, and don’t give a flying fig about profit or bonuses – finding a suitable position has been a bit of a problem for me.  Some employers just don’t want honest and conscientious human beings as employees.   Ye widnae believe it, wi’d ye?


  1. Hey John, I went on your profile (I know its a creepy thing to do to a stranger, but I was bored). While I do admit that I disagree with you sometimes, I have to admit that you would make a good firefighter. I don’t know how they do things in Scotland, but if Scottish Fire Departments are anything like those in the US, they’ll need a man who does not submit to Group Thought. The ability to think for you’re self is a vital one when you’re in a burning building.

    • Cheers, Paul/Pablo. Sorry I never noticed your comment earlier. Havent been round here much. That may change soon. Peace out.

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