New Car (Written after a few Spingo’s)

I got a new car today.  Eeek!   Another Clio, a C-registration, which for the moment I am calling ‘Cassie’.

This is the first time in my life that I have owned something worth over a thousand pounds.  Which is kinda scary, being a poor, Scottish, working class stiff, used to austerity from a very young age.  I almost feel like a man of means, fur fox sake.  I have only driven a handful of miles in it so far, but I really fear I may become possessive over it, unlike my last car, which I considered in utterly practical terms.  This new car has electric windows, an interior that seems brand spanking new, a colour that artists for centuries have longed for, and it drives (so far) like a dream.

In due course, I might post up a picture of Cassie, but I am reluctant to expose him/her until I have settled on it’s sex.  It might be Cassandra, it might be Cassius.  Only time will tell.  The only thing I know for sure right now is Eeek!

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