All Aboot Me

So, what about me?  I’m a tall, skinny Scotsman, ex-gas engineer now carer.  I’m opinionated, sarcastic, and occasionally loud. I am kind, gentle, anarchic, and completely lacking in personal ambition.  I like sci-fi, football, girls, and books.  I smoke, swear, and talk a load o’ mince.  Grandmothers love me.  Everyone else thinks I’m a pain in the arse.  Welcome to my blog.  The kettle is always on.   Feel free to comment.  Peace.


  1. Make mine a rooibos, one sugar and a dash of milk.

  2. Ehi! just cause you’re kind and gentle could you please suggest me a place where to stay in Glasgow/Edumburgh? I’ll be there in 10 days more or less and I have no idea where to stay. Thanks

  3. I don’t know Edinburgh that well, I’m a west of Scotland boy 😉
    Where to stay really depends on your needs. Do you need to be near a particular place? Or are you traveling around and flexible? There are lots of great places within 20 or 30 mins of Glasgow by train. My personal preference would be a wee bed and breakfast somewhere around Loch Lomond. It’s lovely this time of year. You could even stay at the Faslane Peace Camp for free 😀

  4. There are also lots of great little camp sites around Loch Lomond, if you like that sort of thing.

  5. Ehi! I went and came back! I visited Loch Lomond, simply amazing, I saw some people camping there, seemed nice, maybe next time! I definitely love Scotland and the Scots!

  6. You must have impeccable taste! 😉 I am glad you had a good time 😀

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