Blog On…

Well, it’s October 2010 since I last wrote on this site.  Seems like no time at all.

Quite a lot has changed since then.  No longer am I a gasman fixing boilers for biscuits, no longer am I the tedious boyfriend, no longer do I have a ponytail, and no longer do I spend inordinate amounts of time fannying about on blogs!  (I do it on Facebook noo!)  This latter matter may change…

I return refreshed and with a million and one things to bore you all to tears with.  No doubt you are all delighted, all three of you.

Any suggestions for topics to be tackled greatly received.  I cannae be trusted left to ma own devices…..

See you soon x

The Big Blockade of Devonport

Devonport Dockyard in Plymouth not only refits, maintains, and upgrades the submarines which carry the UK’s immoral and illegal Trident nuclear weapon system, but it is also increasingly becoming the dumping ground for old and out of service nuclear submarines. Plymouth is being paid for its role in the servicing of Britain’s weapons of mass destruction by becoming the ‘Sellafield of the South West’.

A decade of Trident Ploughshares blockades and disarmament actions have helped build a strong and broad movement against nuclear weapons in Scotland. The Scottish government was elected with a policy of nuclear disarmament. Now it is England’s turn.

On the 1st of November we are calling on people to join us to continue to increase the pressure by non-violently blockading the Devonport submarine base.


Lonesome No More!

Everyone should have a new middle name.  And everyone should read Lonesome No More.
Get your own new middle name here
My new name under Kurt Vonnegut’s Lonesome No More! scheme is:-
John Hollyhock-17 Robb

Hullo there fellow Hollyhocks and Seventeens.  Now “Go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.  Go take a flying fuck at the moooooon.”