Empire Olympics

I was on night-shift last night, so did not see the Olympics Opening Ceremony, excepting a few little snippets here and there.  On coming home this morning I find that the internet is ablaze with comment and outrage because a man apparently gave a Nazi Salute as the German Olympians entered the arena.  Admittedly, it does not look great, but I do not think this is a Nazi salute at all.  The Nazi salute is a straight, right arm gesture.  This man was waving his left arm about, and not his right.  A quick search on Google images for ‘nazi salute’ reveals a rather different posture.

Interestingly, what has not been talked about so much is a tweet by Piers Morgan which read We need to be an Empire again – seriously. #ProudOfBritain“.   Some might argue that the British Empire was at least the equal of the Nazi regime in terms of terror, racism, and murderous intent.  But there is no outcry when a prominent Brit makes a call for a return to the good old days, when Britain claimed the “white man’s burden” in dealing with, and controlling the ‘inferior’ nations of the world.

Hypocrites?  Us?  Nah, surely not….