We Don’t Want No Radiation.

Devonport Naval Base in Plymouth is where the UK’s Trident nuclear submarines go to be refitted.  This dangerous and dirty work is done in close proximity to 250,000 Plymouthians, and within a matter of a few hundred yards of at least one primary school.  The ‘reward’ of a couple of hundred jobs is a poor return for the risk the whole city runs of cancers and leukemia.  Never mind that under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty(N.P.T.) the UK is meant to be working “in good faith” towards complete nuclear disarmament.  But sadly the UK is intent on building bigger and more destructive weapons of mass destruction, while lecturing the world on the perils of having weapons of mass destruction.  Such hypocrisy, you could hardly make it up.  Trident Ploughshares activists today took a simple message to the base.

What would your message be?

Chernobyl Revisited.

Sunday is supposed to be the day on which we visit Church to contemplate the sins of mankind.  But instead I visited http://www.angelfire.com/extreme4/kiddofspeed/chapter1.html  and followed Elena Filatova as she travelled on her motorbike  through the ghost towns and villages surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear reactor.   It was not a pleasant journey, but it was an illuminating one.

Chernobyl was a terrible, terrible accident.   Accidents happen, after all ‘to err is to be human’.  Yet the consequences of this accident will be with us for hundreds if not thousands of years.  Some risks are not worth taking.   A  journey through the wastelands around Chernobyl should be a priority for those that think nuclear power is the way to secure mankinds future.  It could, in fact, be the very opposite.