Stepping On The Cracks.

I while away my time these days,
With bandages and pills.
But nothing ever soothes away,
The pain that lingers still.

She haunts me in the afternoon,
She haunts me in the night.
But “Lordy!” she thinks that I’m a loon,
And probably she’s right.

So please be kind while I’m a mess,
Or until I’m back on track.
My heart is under some duress,
And she’s stepping on the cracks…..

By me.  17/8/2012.

Blog On…

Well, it’s October 2010 since I last wrote on this site.  Seems like no time at all.

Quite a lot has changed since then.  No longer am I a gasman fixing boilers for biscuits, no longer am I the tedious boyfriend, no longer do I have a ponytail, and no longer do I spend inordinate amounts of time fannying about on blogs!  (I do it on Facebook noo!)  This latter matter may change…

I return refreshed and with a million and one things to bore you all to tears with.  No doubt you are all delighted, all three of you.

Any suggestions for topics to be tackled greatly received.  I cannae be trusted left to ma own devices…..

See you soon x