Blame It On The Sun, Sunshine

Woke up at one minute to twelve today, relieved to find that swine flu had not killed me in the night.  I have been suffering with this blasted bug for several days now, but at least it has given me a few days off from a much despised job.

Had a cup of tea – milk, two sugars – took a shower and meandered along to the Co-op for a newspaper and some ciggies.   Buying a copy of the Independent always reminds me how uncommon I am. Most shops only get in one or two copies a day.   It never ceases to amaze me that there is a pile of Sun newspapers 4 ft high.   It regularly irritates me that much of the flock are being kept informed of national and international affairs by a semi-pornographic scandal sheet.  If I had my way those relying on the Sun for their knowledge of the world would be barred from voting in elections.

And some still wonder why the country is going to the dogs?