I Will Survive…

OK, I admit it, I have been a miserable bastard this last 9 months or so.  I apologise to all those(all two of you) who have had to read ma sad laments and moans.   From today I intend to get back to normal.  There may still be the odd bit of moaning though….  😉

Beset by a litany of problems, that, frankly, might have killed a lesser man, I have allowed maself to wallow far too long in a depressing stupor.  Falling out with my father, falling out with my brother, becoming homeless, the stress and hangover from Occupy Plymouth(which I have still to write about at some point), serious health problems in the family, being skint, getting bronchitis, an abscess in my mouth, and the falling apart of what I regarded as a serious long-term relationship, all contributed to the ‘perfect storm’ that afflicted me.  It has taken me til now to clear the mental fog all this has caused.  Problems still exist, my Mum is going in for a hysterectomy soon, and Dad in for an operation on his prostate, I’m still skint, and single, but things do not seem so irredeemably bleak as they did a short while ago.  I am not quite sure what has lifted my spirits, possibly the intervention of some good friends, but I feel better.  Maybe the two weeks I had off work, which I thought I had wasted, have actually done me some good after all?

Anyway, thank you to all those who have put up with me, tried to lift my spirits, or attempted to distract me from my own personal annus horribilis.   You will be pleased to know your efforts have not been in vain.  All I need noo is ma leg over and I’m sorted…    😉

Is There A Life Coach In The House?

“Life is just one damned thing after another.”  Right now I am minded to agree with those words of the American author, Elbert Hubbard.   And this isn’t just about the spectacular failure of my venture into wildlife cinematography either.  No, as I approach my 40th birthday, I find myself mired in a morass of problems easily avoided or of my own making.  I’m having visions of my supposed mid-life crisis turning into a full-on nervous breakdown.  Which I suppose at least should have positive repercussions for my creativity…

The more I think about it, it occurs to me that for 6/7 months now I have been suffering from a kind of emotional, spiritual, and psychological hangover.  Of course, being a bit of a drama queen, I may be exaggerating a bit.   All I know is that lots of things in my life are going tits up.  Family troubles, bank troubles, Occupy troubles, girl troubles; it’s like one of those perfect storms you read about.  My Mum always says that bad things come in threes, but I think she underestimates it.  Still, I have the therapeutic benefits from my work to buoy me, the knowledge that there are others in far worse predicaments than I, and the hope that tomorrow will be better.  There is also the clear knowledge that the answers to some of my problems lie in my own hands, if I pull my finger out.  Is there a Life Coach in the house?